Top Ten Favorite Smash Brothers Characters!

Hey Guys! It’s Jordan from readgeekx3 with the fourth day of GEEKMAS! With the new Smash Bros already out on the Wii U, it felt like the only right topic for this post. I decided to go and tell you the top 10 characters I’m looking forward to playing in the new Smash Bros. Isn’t Smash Bros mostly about the characters?

10. Pit. Pit is pretty awesome already, with Uprising being one of my favorite 3DS games. Throw him in Super Smash Bros and set him up with a nice move set, and he’s a really good choice if you want to send the completion flying!

9. Wii Fit Trainer. Let’s all be honest, NONE OF US SAW THIS COMING! I don’t even know where Nintendo came up with this, but I like it. It’s so creative and so outside the box that no one can help but love it!

8. Pikachu. Pikachu is basically the face of my second favorite nintendo franchises, and you can’t forget the fact that he is utterly adorable.
Don’t let he’s looks fool you. He can kick some butt, too!

7. Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog being my first video game, he will always hold a very special place in my very nerdy heart. And if you put all the crappy games lately to the side, he’s a pretty awesome character. Plus he’s fast, like, REALLY FAST. Plus plus, he’s blue, which is my favorite color. That automatically makes him cool.

6. Mario. Who doesn’t want to play as Mario, he’s the face of Nintendo!

5. Little Mac. I’ve never really played any of the punch out games, but ever since nintendo announced he was going to be in Smash I have been wanting to. He looks awesome in Smash and he might just be a real threat in the arena.

4. Kirby. Kirby has great recovery and a couple awesome moves that help him not only withstand opponents attacks but also return fire! Also he’s adorable and has awesome games :3.

3. Mega Man. Again, I have never played a Mega Man game. From what I have heard all of the good ones came out before my time and there was never anything to make me want to play one of the games. But once they announced him for Smash and I saw his sheer amount of greatness, I’ve been waiting for them to make a new one. He looks awesome and has, from what I’ve heard, a very good move set.

2. Greninja. Greninja was my starter in Pokemon Y, so I already love him. Put him in Smash Bros with a pretty good move set and my love for the Pokemon will only grow. Playing with your stater Pokemon outside of the actual game sounds awesome, and I can’t wait to play.

1. Link. Ok, I know he isn’t very good from a pro players point of view, but he’s my favorite character from my favorite game series, so I have to continue to love him. I think he plays great with the right moves to kick some serious butt, and with a new move set it should only get better.

So that’s basically it guys! I hope you enjoyed this post and stay on readgeekx3 for more GEEKMAS post!