ReadGeekx3 at #GeekyCon!

Hey guys! It’s Jordan from ReadGeekx3 with some exciting news! Both Jamari and myself will be attending GeekyCon 2015 which will be taking place in our hometown of Orlando, FL from July 30 to August 2. Many popular authors, actors, and other personalities will be there such as Veronica Roth, Marie Lu,Ty Simpkins and more! 

We plan to get a lot of things for an eventual giveaway of merch and autographs, so stay up to date by following us. If you liked this post, check out more of our post here on ReadGeekx3.


Prodigy: The Graphic Novel in Production! 

Hey guys is Jamari here from ReadGeekx3 here with some exciting news!!!

As you may know, Legend by Marie Lu has been adapted into a graphic novel and was released yesterday! And fans of Legend will be happy to know that the second book Prodigy is on its way into graphic form!

Leigh Dragoon who is responsible for adapting the Legend Graphic Novel tweeted out confiming that Prodigy will be made into a graphic novel also!

She tweeted:

Finished the first draft of the Prodigy graphic novel script! @Marie_Lu @robvalois #DayAndJune4Ever #legend



  With Prodigy: The Graphic Novel underway, we could expect it to be released early next year. Though the wait may be long,  The Rose Society (Book 2 in Marie Lu’s The Young Elites Series) releases October 6!

Check for more posts soon!

The Rose Society Cover Revealed!

Hey Guys! It’s Jordan from ReadGeekx with some news for you Young Elites fans! Earlier this week, Marie Lu released the cover for the second installment of The Young Elites series, The Rose Society. The Rose Society  is said to come out October 6 this year, so keep an eye on ReadGeekx3 for more exciting news!


The Young Elites By Marie Lu Book Review


Hey It’s Jamari from ReadGeek3 here with book review to kick off GEEKMAS. Today I will be reviewing The Young Elites by Marie Lu. If you’ve heard of Marie Lu you’ve hard of her amazing series LEGEND. After reading that series I dove into this book almost knowing nothing about the plot until I bought it because I was just that big of a fan.


This book takes place in 1361 and people have been infected with a disease they call the blood fever which are also known as Malfettos. The main character Adelinea is a survivor of the blood fever and lost her eye as a mark from the fever. Since he mom dies from the fever her father treats her differently from her sister and believes she is a Malfetto. Which are survivors of the blood fever who gain special powers. Though all her life while her father was trying to reveal her powers she was blind to understand why.

This book begins quick and heads straight into action inside Adelinea’s prison cell about to be executed. Though the execution fails when Enzo, a member of the dagger society which train the powers of malfettos, rescues her and takes her to their head quarter where she finds out she is a Young Elite and begins training to control her powers. Though had for her since darkness in side her keeps overpowering her, her life is soon on the line if she wants to be a member of the dagger society.

The story is completely interesting and soon develops a small love story between Adelinea and Enzo. The ending of the story twists and surprises you which I enjoyed from most of Marie’s novels. This is book 1 of 3 in The Young Elites Trilogy which the rest are yet to be released.


I give this book ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ and recommend you read it and The LEGEND Series by Marie Lu also.