Blogger Awards Coming Soon! Nominate Blogs Now!! [OPEN]

Hey guys, it’s Jamari here from ReadGeekx3 here with a special announcement! This year we are hosting a blogger awards! We will be carrying out the celebration during the summer and all now and through then we will be nominating blogs for categories for the awards. The great thing also is that you guys get to nominate people too! You can even nominate yourself if you fit the category! Here are the rules!


  1. When casting nominations, a nominee must be a blog. It DOESN’T have to be just a WordPress blog. It can be any type of blog no matter the program used.
  2. Nominee MUST fit category of nomination.
  3. People nominating others are allowed to nominate themselves if they want.
  4. To nominate a blog, go to the comments section of this blog and type the blog site, category of nomination and link to the site. (Can be multiple nominations).
  5. Nominating will be cut off near June 2015.
  6. Nominee can be nominated for multiple categories.






Other (type another category name)

(category list is subject to change)


Each winner will receive;

  • A custom made ReadGeek Certificate (which will be available for PDF download)
  • A badge to wear on their blog
  • A announcement blog post on ReadGeekx3
  • And a free follow on Social Network accounts (WordPress, Twitter, Instagram [possibly])

Now here’s a category we specifically picked out the nominees for which will be won according to polling votes! That category is for Favorite Fandom Site!

Here is the poll!

Since this poll only lasts for a week, an extended poll is below after this poll runs out! That’s basically it! The ReadGeek Awards (working title) nominations are now open! Nominate blogs for the categories down below in the comments section! Check for updates coming soon! Check for more soon!