Where is Star Trek: Beyond?

Hello guys! I’m Mimi, the new writer for ReadGeek and right now I want to ask you guys to do a little something for me – Turn on your T.V. Go ahead, do it. Watch for a couple hours, or maybe a few days, and you will see plenty of promotional adverts for movies, such as Finding Dory, Suicide Squad, and Independence Day: Resurgence, but I can almost guarantee that you won’t see a single one for Star Trek: Beyond 

The third installment of the reboot of the Star Trek series is scheduled to be released on July 22nd and so far, Paramount Pictures has only released two trailers. Only two trailers seems like a good idea, considering that is the average number of trailers per movie, but this movie’s predecessor, Star Trek: Into Darkness, had three trailers and it did very well in comparison to the other movies in the franchise that only had two.

The lack of trailers isn’t the only problem though. The lack of promotional images and interviews is also a huge drag when compared to those of Into Darkness. Beyond did well with the release of multiple screen-grabs and one interview in late April/early May, but that was a month ago. Around this time in Into Darkness‘s promotional campaign we had two Star Trek themed app releases, a cover story in Entertainment Weekly, multiple image releases, and a first look featurette. Please, tell me you see the problem too!

We are less than forty days away from the premiere of Star Trek: Beyond and we are getting promotional efforts that would be better suited for a movie that is trying to scare consumers away. Many people have taken to various websites and social medias to complain about this issue. Some people have even predicted what they think the movie will turn out like based on the two trailers. A large group of people have predicted that Star Trek: Beyond will barely make 1/3 of what Star Trek and Star Trek: Into Darkness made at the box office.

In my personal opinion, I’m excited for this movie. I definitely do not believe it will be the best in the entirety of the Star Trek franchise and I don’t have reason to think it could be even in the top three. I am really just excited to see what they can make out of this movie. The trailers left me kind of confused and I am hoping my questions will be answered. Also, this reboot always had a really excellent cast with actors like Chris Pine, Simon Pegg, and Zachary Quinto, just to name a few. I do hope the comedy is great in Star Trek: Beyond just like it was in Star Trek: Into Darkness and the special effects are as beautiful.

Paramount has been very quiet about this movie and when confronted with multiple articles and comments on this topic, they chose to push even farther away. Let’s hope that as release time draws closer, Paramount Pictures wakes up and surprises us all with not only an amazing movie, but some equally amazing interviews and adverts, as well. I look foward to seeing Star Trek: Beyond in theaters on the silver screen on July 22nd.


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