ReadGeek 2.o: New & Improved!

Hello friends! It’s Jordan from ReadGeek, back from our nearly year-long break from blogging to update you on our return, changes being made, as well as our plans for the future of ReadGeek.

Firstly, the long hiatus Jamari and I took was mostly caused by school. Middle school, especially in its later half, can be straining, not as much educationally as it is socially. Due to many of those social constructs and setups that are really too complicated for quick explanation, we became stressed and really lost the energy or motivation to keep posting on the blog. However, recent events have convinced us to not only return to the blog, but to expand 0n what we have created, making for a better blog overall.

To help us in our dream of making a larger blog that one day may one day become a hub of geek culture and society as a whole, we have added a new member onto our team, Mimi. They have been a friend of Jamari’s and I’s for a long time and they also share in our love of books, movies, and geeky things in general. We could not think of a better partner to work with us at ReadGeek and we hope this expansion on our team will help us to produce more unique content more often and widen the scope of topics we cover.

With this change, we will be editing our posting schedule, at least temporarily. Expect at least one post every other day, with authors generally rotating in responsibility. This is subject to change later in the year, seeing as we are teenagers who are required to attend school and deal with all that comes with it. We will, though, do our best in being consistent with these posts.

Also, do expect to see changes in content. We will still cover the usual (books, movies, TV shows) , but I do think that we will tackle some of the larger issues that are deeply rooted within the geek community and how those things play into the media we enjoy everyday through discussion like articles. More on this later, but I do think that the geek community is haven of acceptance and creativity, some of which is normally rejected by the mainstream, and I think deeper dives into those concepts can reveal a lot about us and who we identify as. At the core, we will still remain a blog dedicated to news and conversation about geeky media.

In conclusion, just expect better content being produced more often and covering an even larger set of topics. I hope that gives you an idea of what to anticipate from us in the next few months and, hopefully, even after that.


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