Hey guys! Its Jordan from readgeekx3, and if you haven’t read the Legend book series by Marie Lu, you’re missing out. It is one of my favorite book series and I can personally recommend it to anybody who likes series such as Divergent or The Hunger Games. While it isn’t as popular, in my opinion it is just as good and I think it deserves recognition. One way to help that would be a movie (also a movie would be amazing). Wyck Godfrey, the producer of The Fault In Our Stars and The Maze Runner, decided to take on the task of producing the movie back in 2011, the year Legend was released. But Godfrey has seemed to have forgotten  about Legend and continues push it off, putting projects such as the Paper Towns movie in front of it. When asked about the movie and why he constantly delays it, he responds that he is trying, but I don’t think he is honestly. If he is truly trying, the Legend movie would be done by now. I bet that many other producers would be willing to take the Legend Movie as a serious project. Wyck Godfrey should start taking Legend as a serious project, sign our petition if you think it should too!



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