Magisterium: The Iron Trial Book 1 by Cassandra Clare & Holly Black Book Review


Happy Halloween!! Hey it’s Jamari here with yet another book review! This review will be on The Iron Trial book 1 in the Magisterium Series by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare. If you are not familiar with those names, Cassandra Clare is the author of the bestselling series, “The Mortal Instruments, & “The Infernal Devices”, Holly is the author of the “Spiderwick Chronicles” and  her novel “Doll Bones”.

So basically the story centers on a boy named Callum Hunt who live with his father and lost his mother during a war. He grew up leading to believe that magic was evil and it was the reason his mother was dead. So when the trials for the magic school The Magisterium begin, he tries as hard as he can to fail the tests that get you into the school so he would prove he has no magical powers. But as hard as he tries to fail his plan doesn’t work out for him and he is being sent off to magic school.


So now that Call is forced into magic school where he must learn to control his magic powers, which leads him into boring lessons, new experiences and surprisingly new adventures. But there are a lot of secrets and hidden things going on. There is a enemy that killed his mother, his father is very afraid of the magic school, and he doesn’t know who he really is.


He meets two new friends Aaron Stewart and Tamara Rajavi who ultimately becomes his best friends and his first friends. As you read on the story pulls you in even more and brings on a huge twist that will drag you into the remaining books leading this story into it’s five-book series. This is a great book, and of course with all great books there are always bad reviews and comments on the book or series by comparing it to another series. Which critics just did with this innocent series.

Harry Potter “Rip-off” Comparison 


As you read this section I am basically going to set the record straight! THIS IS NOT A RIP OFF OF HARRY POTTER!!!!!! First things first I want to say I am a “hardcore” Harry Potter” fan. And I am one to say that this is not a rip off of the series. The only things you can compare the two series are as listed below:

1. Both series were published by Scholastic


2. They both have a main protagonist that are males and have dark hair.

3. Both the main characters have a mark left from their enemies  when their mother’s died. Harry has his scar left when Voldemort tried to kill him, Call has a shattered leg.

4. There is a main trio in both series that includes two boys and one girl.

5. There are magic schools (Hogwarts, Harry Potter, The Magisterium, Magisterium Series)

6. Their schools go by years (Year one, Year two, Year three, etc.)

7. The number of books make of the number of year they have been at the school

Now on the the differences.


  1. Magic systems are completely different, Harry Potter they learn new spells, Magisterium they focus on using magic based off the elements, Fire, Water, Air, Earth and a fifth element called Chaos.
  2. They are called Wizard, Witches and Warlocks in Harry Potter where as in The Magisterium Series they are called Mages (short for magicians) and if you think these are basically the same things they are not!
  3. They use Wands in Harry Potter where as in The Magisterium Series they use hand magic and there is so far no indication of wands. In Harry Potter they use hand magic sometimes but it is not their main magic source
  4. Harry Potter: Hogwarts students are grouped by houses (Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff) Magisterium Series: They are grouped by their years at the school which includes beginners which are Iron Years and go up to the ones who’ve been their longer which are, Copper, Bronze, Silver & Gold years.
  5. Harry Potter there are 7 books, Magisterium will have 5 books.
  6. Hogwarts is a castle, The Magisterium is a cave inside a mountain.

So now I think I have proved my point. But I love both series the same, maybe one more than the other since I’m more familiar to one than the other (Harry Potter)

So far the series is off to a great start and now has a Film Adaptation underway by film company Constantin Film, which is also the company that has adapted “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones” (which is being rebooted as a TV Series[but that’s another blog post]) and has optioned her other bestselling series “The Infernal Devices”.

So I give this book ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ stars! I recommend you read it and engage into the series. Look out for book two that comes out September 2015 and check out the series’ website and remember to follow for more reviews. =-)


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