Legitimate Reason to Love Pokemon!


Hey it’s ReadGeek x3 here with our first blog. And we decided what better way to start our blog than talk about reasons why we love pokemon?!

1. They’re adorable


Most Pokemon are cute and adorable than others (As we said Most not all). Here is a list of cute pokemon from list 1 to 5.

1. Pikachu

2. Fennekin

3. Pancham

4. Froakie

5. Chimchar

It hard for this to be cute.


2. They are amazing in battle


Each pokemon is a different type whether it is water, grass or fire type. They all have their own custom and unique ways in battle. 

3. The TV show


This might-as-well be the number 1 thing on the list. The reason we are into Pokemon is because of the television show. If it weren’t for the show we probably wouldn’t have been playing it. Although we love the show there were a few funny flaws in the show. 

Flaw 1: The show has a lot of banned episodes that aren’t allowed to be aired in the US. The pilot of the show in japan got a lot if kids in the hospital because of how bright one pokemon’s power was. And a few with inappropriate content. 

Flaw 2: Ashes battles in the new episodes. He always has to win! It seems they don’t give him a chance to loose a battle at least once without him rematching a battle. We love the show either way but it’s just kind of dumb how they do that.

Flaw 3: Pikachu never evolves. I think Ash wants to keep Pikachu as his cute loving pet instead of letting him evolve. And honestly, who actually wouldn’t want to see him evolve at least once. But yet I can’t blame him when you have a Pokemon that cute.

That’s it for our first blog post. Remember to follow us for some more geeky blog posts. =-)


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